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Interior Design that Delivers Magic in Every Moment

Full Service interior design

Based in Harare, top interior designer Mudez Construction highlights the sophistication of a modern home with the flavor, and just a twist, of class.
With a style that’s unrestrained yet very refined, our team of interior designers creates homes and commercial spaces that are the visual stories of the people living or working there. Mudez Construction’s interiors are bold statements balanced by quiet details, the dark accents in a white room, the well-defined edge that contains a surprise of color.

What We Do

Residential interior designing

Our seasoned, talented, and friendly professionals designers will work alongside you. As part of our interior design services, we help you create a floor plan and room layout that meets your schedule and budget.

Office Interior Designing

First impressions mean everything for us. With design and customer service in our DNA, we are the perfect partners to find your furniture and accessories for your commercial space.

About Mudez Construction

We have years of experience furnishing beautiful office spaces and residential homes. From choosing one piece that fits in with your current décor to a full-room redesign, when you sit down with one of our experts, you’ll get a chance to discuss your vision, create a floor plan and room layout, and then work towards a breathtaking finished product — with professional expertise and design instincts on hand whenever you need it!

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